Cheems Coinex Pe AMA

Josph(coinex pe) : introduce yourself to the community members

market maker (Cheems) :

I'm marketmaker. Founder of Cheems:tm: and Super Dad (if you listen to my kid)

I come from a long history in finance.

I worked in fintech next for Swedish company (2 years)

I then moved on to work with a cybersecurity firm wanting to move their endpoint to blockchain

That's all in summary

First part of ama

Q1. Can you introduce Cheems:tm: to us briefly and tell us with which unique objectives it has come to market ?

Ok. Thank you, Josph. We’d like to call Cheems:tm: a memetocurrency project, which in actual fact is what Doge truly is. We hate the word meme coin because people do not take memes seriously. Yes they are fun but they are also seriously effective tools of marketing and knowledge transfer.Did you know that doge did more to help the average retailer understand more about bitcoin than bitcoin itself? Yes, people hardly learn when everyone is so serious. Funny memes help break ideas down.Witty or downright cruel memes garner people’s attention over anything else on the internet. Man is a social animal so we seek to exploit that as the lines between social networking and value interaction blurs more and more everyday.Especially in a world that is becoming increasingly virtual.We envision a fun attention-grabbing memetocurrency that can bring microtransactional defi into social relations & networking and for us memes are the best vehicle to effect that.Ofcourse we mean Cheems:tm: memes. Doge currently is having trouble plugging to defi. Best you can do now with doge is hold and sell. We offer more! Worlds more!

Read our litepaper on our website. It’s a short read, light & quick to the point. It is also available in 11 languages. Our website and roadmap are all available in 11 languages! So you can read it natively. I promise you won’t get bored.

Q2. Are there any plans to run other audits apart from the one with Especially as improvements are made in the future? Plus is it possible for us to find information on the team behind Cheems?

Sure. More audits to come.with every new feature integrated. FYI, the legendary group RugDetectives have been long in the game since the time of bitcointalk.No only that, but they ran a full KYC on us, so although we are an anonymous team we are full known to the people that matter to build trust,So in essence, Cheems is fully unruggable so to speak

Q3. Cheems decided on pegging their supply to that of Doge in a 1:1 ratio. Why DOGE? Are there other similarities and possible differences between DOGE and Cheems?

Faboulous question. Both Cheems & Dogecoin are memetocurrency projects. Pls read our litepaper on our website to understand what that difference means.Unlike Dogecoin however, Cheems:tm: is built for DeFi. We know the future is scaling and scaling so rapidly it’s advancing to the inevitable union between DeFi and Social Networking.We believe the best way to jump-start these interactions is through memes. We’re going to do that with Cheems:tm: memes.Again, unlike Doge that has and unlimited cap, Cheems:tm: is hardcapped to 129.3 billion tokens which was Doge’s circulating supply at the time of our token generation event. Sadly, doge is now much larger as 10,000 doges are created every minute! Did you know that about Dogecoin?Speaking about circulating supply, at launch and even after a complete year, we will still have a fraction of the supply of Doge 😉 Isn’t that great?

Q4. Going through Cheems litepaper there is no visible Roadmap. Are you just going to take things as they come or are there plans? Also, how will Cheems support DeFi in a better way then DOGe as stated in your white-paper?

Excellent question. We have a roadmap we chose to call roadtrip. This is because in blockchain and crypto so many people draw arbitrary goals or trivial things into their roadmap. It makes the entire industry look bad when they fail for their arbitrary pursuits or over having something as trivial as a coinmarketcap listing on a roadmap. Like seriously?We prefer to be on a roadtrip with our community and partners. We know our vision and direction, we also know the future constantly scales and changes, so we only need directions on a roadtrip and not drawing up guidelines in the sands of time.So yes, our roadmap is available though not in the traditional demarcation of events.As you can see we’ve already begun Memecraft and are working soonest to develop each feature as they come to us and our partners.We also intend adding to the roadtrip. So yes, good question. We will work on the easiest feature integrations first and scale with industry as needed.Visit our roadmap here and select a native language of your choice:

Q5. Let’s talk about the mining aspect, I see the ways to get rewarded from cheems mining is by either battling, trolling or to overthrow other memes for Cheems memes, does this mean we have to bring down other meme projects for Cheems?

Fabulous question. Actually, we create our exclusive feature Memecraft for the reason of getting people to interact around the Cheems meme. So yes and no to your question.Yes because you can create your very own Cheems memes in response to any Internet meme out there and get reactions from people. No because you don’t have to be a troll.Sure, trolling works to garner attention. And truth of the matter is there is no such thing as bad publicity, but its the reactions you garner from something so public (good or bad reactions) that we want to prove has a beneficial relationship to marketcap which is a good thing for all of us.Cheems is the only memetocurrency that has the feature and model working on its behalf in incentiving the community to engage everyone about Cheems:tm:. We call it MemeCraft meaning creating your own Cheem memes and using it well to draw awareness around Cheems!

Q6. Can you tell us more about the current marketing plan of the Cheems:tm: project? To attract the community to participate and invest in your project, through what means do you spread the word and what role will the community play in your project?

Gladly. Marketing and strategy are quite important. The Cheems:tm: go-to-market strategy involves a lot of moving parts. A critical part is the role of liquidity. Most of the funds raised will be used to bootstrap liquidity across multiple dexes. A double win because we know that liquidity reduces risks to our contributors as they no longer have illiquid concerns if anyone feels bored with us. We hope not.We also expect to execute PMM market making as well.But most importantly, we plan to introduce an unprecedented Liquidity Mining algo we like to call PALM Mining.PALM stands for Profit Aggressive Liquidity Mining to really provide a kick to early liquidity providing contributors.We also have made two fabulous partnership with @mybakerytools who are building complex defi tools for defi as well as our recent partnership with @Bafifinance. More great partnerships to come.

Q7. There’s some news about a joint IDO, can you give us some information and details on how we can participate and how it will be facilitated?

Sure. Yes, as we say in this DogEatDog world, the patient dog eats the fatest bone. We have taken time to arrange an IDO for fair launch as well as succeeding in these early stage of development. Information about our IDO can be found here:

The pooled capital raised from our IDO, we intend to use for liquidity! Join our TG for early updates

Second part of ama

Q1: We do not have any information about your currency. Why not listed on coingecko and coinmarketcap?

We have not done our IDO yet. Once IDO is done, tokens will be received by all contributors from our decentralized launchpad and partners @bafifinance. Visit their TG for more info about our IDO and terms and conditions for participation. I’m admit it is not something to miss

Q2: If we hold the $Cheems token in the TrustWallet, will it be added to it?

Surely. Trustwallet like Metamask is a decentralized Web3 wallet. So with enough holders it will be easy to add the Cheems:tm: token to it.

Q3 : Do you plan to make a cross-chain platform?

Yes, we plan to make Cheems:tm: token blockchain agnostic. We have learnt our lessons from Doge that the future is always scaling and we must scale with it. So being blockchain agnostic and defi compatible is the best path for Cheems:tm:

Q4 : What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market? In contrast, what is your weakness? How do you plan to overcome it?

Our strongest advantage is our complete go-to-market strategy and the various trade & liquidity mining programs we are about to unleash. Our PALM Mining has never before been seen in crypto and we are open to catch a few attention from crypto mainstream media around its implementation upon our listing. We also believe in our experience. The team is very experienced in our fields and we aren’t setup to fail

Q5 : Trust is very important in business, what makes investors, customers and users feel safe when working with your project ?

We aren’t jumping into this. We are tactic and strategic which is why we go to IDO first to pool enough capital from contributors to create safe liquidity for all who enter. These pooled capital reduces risks as people can comfortable leave if they feel uncomfortable about our game plan without have illiquid fears in the market. We have also KYC and full security audit of our smart contract by Rug Detectives. See report here

Q6 : Hello,Why 99.98% of #cheems locked in only two wallets.
Are your team planning to burn them ? if yes how much ?

No. These two wallets are the Cheems Reserve Pool. If you look into our tokenomics, you will find 25% go into our IDO, but over 60% are reserved for rewards, trade and early liqudity mining incentives. We also have a feature coming called Cheems Go Vote, which is a wordplay in English for Cheems Government which is essentially will be a DAO to ensure the community can vote in people to handle strategic decisions and tasks like multisig wallets and so on.
We also want to make a habit of rewarding loyalty in our community. So it will be very rewarding to be what we like to call ourselves A #Cheememein Warrior


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